Cobane Ornaments

Birds of a Feather

Our Birds of a Feather Collection, designed by Nature Artist Russell Cobane, brings to life some of nature's most beautiful backyard wild birds. Each bird is lovingly painted by hand with vibrant colors and marked with precision and strict attention to detail to accurately represent each bird.

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Northern Cardinal (COBANEC399)

Northern Cardinal


Snowy Owl (COBANED379)

Snowy Owl


Northern Saw Whet Owl (COBANED395)

Northern Saw Whet Owl


Barred Owl Ornament (COBANEE415)

Barred Owl Ornament


Barn Owl (COBANEE422)

Barn Owl


Goldfinch Ornament (COBANEC346)

Goldfinch Ornament


Female Cardinal Ornament (COBANEC413)

Female Cardinal Ornament


Tufted Titmouse Ornament (COBANEC347)

Tufted Titmouse Ornament


Baltimore Oriole (COBANEC378)

Baltimore Oriole


House Finch Ornament (COBANEC426)

House Finch Ornament


Purple Martin (COBANEC400)

Purple Martin


Hummingbird Ornament (COBANEC344)

Hummingbird Ornament


Rufous Hummingbird Ornament (COBANEC417)

Rufous Hummingbird Ornament


Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (COBANEC429)

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker


Flicker Ornament (COBANEC425)

Flicker Ornament


Downy Woodpecker Ornament (COBANEC345)

Downy Woodpecker Ornament


White Throated Sparrow (COBANEC428)

White Throated Sparrow


Bluebird Ornament (COBANEC233)

Bluebird Ornament


Cedar Waxwing (COBANEC376)

Cedar Waxwing


Western Tanager (COBANEC398)

Western Tanager


Robin (COBANEC377)



Dark Eyed Junco (COBANEC397)

Dark Eyed Junco


Barn Swallow (COBANEC427)

Barn Swallow


Gray Catbird (COBANEC430)

Gray Catbird


Scarlet Tanager Ornament (COBANEC407)

Scarlet Tanager Ornament


Mourning Dove Ornament (COBANEC411)

Mourning Dove Ornament


Meadowlark Ornament (COBANEC424)

Meadowlark Ornament


Blue Jay Ornament (COBANEC406)

Blue Jay Ornament


Indigo Bunting Ornament (COBANEC348)

Indigo Bunting Ornament


Painted Bunting (COBANEC382)

Painted Bunting


Kingfisher Ornament (COBANEC409)

Kingfisher Ornament


Evening Grosbeak Ornament (COBANEC414)

Evening Grosbeak Ornament


Loon With Baby Ornament (COBANEE380)

Loon With Baby Ornament


Patriotic Eagle Ornament (COBANEE371)

Patriotic Eagle Ornament


Rooster Ornament (COBANEC362)

Rooster Ornament


Hen Ornament (COBANEC363)

Hen Ornament


Yellow Warbler Ornament (COBANEC421)

Yellow Warbler Ornament